Attic Renovation Dream Craft and Sewing Room Part 3: Final Results! Tons of Built In Storage

Our attic Sewing/ craft room is finally done! : Let the decorating begin
Ta da!  Our attic renovations are finally done.....with the exception of a few tiny details (I still have some painting and staining to do).  This has been a labor of love for the last 2 years, hence the lack of new posts here.  I've been acting as my own general contractor and designer for this project as well as doing a few DIY projects.


Attic Renovation Dream Craft and Sewing Room Part 2: Updates Spray Foam and Drywall

Our attic after open cell spray foam
As I said in my last post, I've been busy working on our attic renovations lately.  When we bought our house 9 yrs ago it came with an unfinished attic that was perfect to finish off.  While most people would want to turn it into a master, I wanted to turn it into my dream craft/ sewing place.  We are actually going to turn almost our entire basement into our dream master retreat.  That's the next big project after this one.


Attic Renovation Dream Craft and Sewing Room Part 1: Design and Planning

Here is how our attic has looked for 8 yrs
When my husband and I bought our home 9 yrs ago we saw the unfinished attic and thought it would be perfect as my craft/ sewing studio and office space.  We put some fiberglass bats on the floor and basically never went up there again.  Last year we were planning on finishing the space, but a combination of family crisis's and the project being much bigger than I anticipated pushed it back until this summer.


Besy DIY Detachable Removable Peter Pan Collar Tutorials and Patterns

 Collar made by Grow Creative from  Free crochet collar pattern by LuLu Loves

I'm currently teaching my sewing classes and one of my students really loves unique collars.  This reminded me that I always wanted to make a detachable collar.  I love the idea of it being like jewelry in the sense you can add it to any outfit.  The possibilities are endless!  Here are my favorite tutorials I have found.

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